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The Legacy of the Priory
The most enduring legacy of Butley Priory is its Gatehouse which has survived as a dwelling for 625 years. At the height of its prosperity, some 25 years before the Black Death, a great gatehouse was built at Butley Priory.
In an age before hotels it lodged travellers and visiting dignitaries, a blaze of brightly-coloured shields advertised royal, ecclesiastical and noble benefactors, while the Virgin Mary and other saints occupying its niches conferred a heavenly protection. The paint and pinnacles have long gone and the original parapet can only be conjectured.
This photograph of 1926 shows the gatehouse as it was restored in the 18th century as a shooting box. The following year the architect William Caroe took on the challenge of its sensitive restoration for Dr Rendall.
Artist’s impression of the appearance of the gatehouse as it may have appeared soon after it was built, c.1325.