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About this website
The purpose of this site is to make available a little of the history and layout of this important medieval monastery.
Although more detailed information can be found in the hardback book, Untold Tales from the Suffolk Sandlings, which was recently published by the Butley Research Group, it was felt that Butley Priory deserves some special attention.
Valerie Fenwick and Vic Harrup, both local writers, produced the book of twenty historical stories set in the area between the Deben and the Ore. Piecing together scrappy information from old documents, maps, archaeological finds, their knowledge of the landscape, and the anecdotes and memories of old folk, has taken so many years that friends and relatives
sometimes wondered if the book would ever be finished!
This profusely illustrated book is now available for purchase. See elsewhere on this site for details.
Photo: Interior of the gatehouse.